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How Much Is a Mild TBI Case Worth?

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How Can Even a “Mild” TBI Change My Life?

It’s well accepted that even mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (aka TBI) can dramatically alter your life by imposing extreme physical, emotional, behavioral, and financial changes on you and those that care for you.

Commonly, suppose you incur trauma to the left side of your brain. In that case, this will cause issues with logic, speech, understanding other people, and even daily conversation.

Suppose the damage affects the right side of your brain. In that case, you will usually have issues processing visual information, certain neglected functions, the ability to perform “normal” daily, and even familiar tasks.

Additionally,  Texas courts take these injuries exceptionally seriously, as noted by the report to the Health & Human Services Commission by the Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council in August of 2022.

If you survive even a mild to moderate TBI and receive your inpatient rehabilitation, your life expectancy will still commonly be shortened by up to nine years.

Additionally, any TBI you may suffer increases your risk of dying from various issues, such as:

  • Seizures – These are 50 times more likely to occur.
  • Drug poisoning – Which could be 11 times more frequent.
  • Severe infections – These can be up to nine times more frequent and severe.
  • Pneumonia – This is six times more likely to affect you.

TBI injuries can occur in myriad ways, but auto accidents are a major cause due to the significant and violent physical forces involved. However, even mild falls on hard surfaces, falling objects, slipping on unmaintained or icy walkways, and more can cause the same severe and lasting injury to your brain.

Along with the impaired functioning you may retain, you are now saddled with high costs for needed medical treatment, rehabilitation, medications, loss of wages, etc., that can destroy your and your family’s finances.

So, no matter how mild, if you’ve been the victim of a TBI due to another’s negligence, consulting with an empathetic, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced Edinburg personal injury lawyer is mandatory. Even a mild TBI’s impact on your life and family can be horrific, so the compensation paid to victims is among the highest in the personal injury litigation arena. Your lawyer cannot help you medically. However, they will help ensure that you obtain the damages you vitally need for treatment, care, and the financial well-being of you and your entire family.

Is Any TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Considered “Mild?”

Medically, as referenced by the injury’s definition as “Traumatic” brain injury, this condition is never considered “mild.” Immediate effects may be noted, but your condition can worsen as the years go on, and any valid, substantiated prognoses are almost impossible to predict.

In most cases, as a TBI victim, you will usually sustain long-term or permanent disability.

Any severe head injury will always compromise, in some manner, your physical, emotional, and mental capacity.

Some of the most common physical effects of TBI include:

  • Seizures.
  • Chronic headaches.
  • Balance and coordination issues.
  • Chronic fatigue and possibly depression.
  • Muscle spasms, and more.

Usual cognitive and behavioral effects of TBIs could include:

  • Memory loss and lack of the ability to concentrate.
  • Poor impulse control and personality changes.
  • Depression and forms of anxiety.

So even mild TBIs, over time, may affect your ability to maintain personal relationships, socialize, or continue employment; therefore, the value of your legal claim could, and usually will, increase accordingly.

Is There Any “Average” Traumatic Brain Injury Compensation?

Due to the severity of any TBI, it is challenging to ascertain an “average” amount for your settlement in any TBI lawsuit. Realistically, there is no definitive answer to this question since a TBI’s value can depend on myriad factors, including age, general occupation, previous health condition, ongoing health needs, and much more.

Your experienced, empathetic, and aggressive Texas brain injury law team will consider many issues in determining a reasonable dollar amount that will cover all your monthly bills, current expenses for care, and future money you may need to sustain your life and health

However, using settlements from previous cases, you could value TBI lawsuit settlements as high as six figures to upwards of 7 figures ($600,000 to $7 million) in dollar value.

You must note that the brain is highly susceptible to impact, and the risk of current medical bills and long-term or permanent damage and care, may be extremely high. This possible life-long care for even a so-called “mild” TBI may lead to reaching settlements of several million dollars.

However, you must understand that no settlement is guaranteed if you’ve suffered a  traumatic brain injury. Therefore, by using the best, most knowledgeable, professional, and helpful Edinburg or McAllen brain injury lawyers, you can be sure they will do everything in their power to get you the settlement possible and one that you need and deserve. They’ll always tirelessly work to obtain a fair settlement covering your current and future medical bills and pain and suffering.

What Will My Lawyer Use to Determine My TBI Settlement Amount?

As noted, many things must be considered when determining a fair and just amount for your TBI injury.

Some of the critical components your thorough brain injury law team will assess are:

  • The severity of your injury – Every brain injury does differ. It might take time to determine medically, but the more serious your injuries, the higher your settlement might be.
  • Your medical and long-term care needs – TBIs often inflict lifelong impairments, and for example, if you are younger may get a higher settlement amount.
  • Your ability to continue work: You must have compensation for your lost income after your TBI. This calculation also will include lost wage-earning capacity and loss of future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering: TBIs produce “unseen” symptoms that will affect you in ways that are not directly tied to finances. A genuinely experienced TBI lawyer will expose these “unseen” symptoms affecting your continued quality of life.

These are only a few examples of what your experienced brain injury law team may look at to calculate the dollar amount you must have to go on with your life. However, you must have a personal injury lawyer that pays close attention to all the aspects and intricacies of your case; this proper attention to you and your family will always give you the best outcome possible.

I’ve Suffered a TBI and Need Legal Help; What Should I Do?

First, always remember that any TBI injury may cause severe life-altering changes to you, your family, and your future. A caring, empathetic brain injury law team will work your case tirelessly to recover what you may have irrevocably lost.

The Brasure Law Firm has an ongoing and winning history of successfully representing Texas clients for over a decade. They know what a TBI can do to you and your family and the visible and “unseen” losses you must endure.

Call them immediately at (956)-903-2873 and obtain a free case evaluation to determine your needs. Don’t hesitate, as your financial, emotional, and quality of life may depend on it.

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