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By: Chris Brasure

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Brain Injury Case?

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Can a Brain Injury (or TBI) Change My Life?

The simple answer is yes, it absolutely can. Of course, each case differs in the severity and longevity of your injury, but even moderate brain injury can be severe.

Moderate to severe brain injury (or TBIs) can have a temporary or lasting impact on your life, relationships, finances, career, and more. TBIs can cause extreme physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive changes.

For example, you receive trauma to the left side of your brain. You will commonly have problems with logic, speech, trouble understanding others, and even carrying on an intelligent conversation. If the damage is to the right side of your brain, you could have issues processing visual information, certain neglected functions, and even the ability to perform “normal,” everyday simple tasks.

Even with all the modern medical advances we now have, many statistics show that 50% of people that incur a brain injury will have more decline in lives in the future. Many die within five years after receiving the injury.

Also, and importantly, after a bad fall, car accident, etc., you may not begin to experience brain injury symptoms until weeks or months later. Therefore, it’s always medically prudent to get a complete medical exam if your head is impacted or harmed.

If you receive a moderate TBI and inpatient rehabilitation, your life expectancy can be shortened by approximately nine years.

Additionally, any TBI  increases your risk of dying from related medical issues, such as:

  • Seizures – which are 50 times more likely to occur.
  • Drug poisoning – which could be 11 times more frequent.
  • Infections can often be more frequent and severe.
  • And pneumonia is six times more likely to be harsh and cause more damage to your body.

Brain injury lawsuits can be enormously challenging to litigate. You must work with a professional, empathetic, and diligent brain injury lawyer who will work tirelessly and aggressively to get the proper compensation you deserve.

Can a Brain Injury Affect My Emotional Life with “Hidden” Symptoms?

You must be aware that brain injuries sometimes cause “hidden” symptoms and changes in cognitive ability and behavior that are not always obvious to friends, family, and the afflicted. These “hidden” but dire issues are things that you, as a brain injury victim, may suffer with every day. People with brain injuries face silent problems every day, which is why TBIs and brain injuries are sometimes referred to as the “hidden” disability.

For example, a common symptom after brain injury is “mental” rather than physical fatigue. You may feel that you need to sit down or rest even though you have not been physically active. This is because your brain is overworked and demands rest. Following brain injury, you might find simple tasks tiring because much greater concentration is required.

Additionally, you may feel like a “new person after your brain injury.”  These changes might be noticeable, such as a lack of interest in some things, or you find a new passionate love for something new that is uncharacteristic of your “old” personality.

Much more severe changes can also occur, such as a short temper, depression, self-loathing, or being quick to anger and even violent.  It’s not uncommon that you (as the injured) are completely unaware of how your personality has changed or how your brain injury has affected you.

Some of these changes can be extremely difficult for spouses and family members.

This is an area in which your experienced, empathetic, and knowledgeable Edinburg brain injury lawyer guidance will be invaluable. They’ve worked on these kinds of cases and will get you the funds needed to get the desperately needed help.

What’s an Example of How Long a Personal Injury Lawsuit May Last?

This is a vital question to ask your experienced personal injury lawyer after your injury. Many Texas statutes apply to personal injury cases, such as the Civil Practice and Remedies Code Chap 16.  Your personal injury lawyer will know how and why to use each in your unique case.

Depending on many factors, such as the severity of your injury, your entire life could be in a state of emotional and financial shambles for months, years, or more.

Understandably, you already have a lot to deal with, and you don’t want to spend time dealing with legal disputes after such a traumatizing event.

However, this is a challenging question because each case varies significantly from case to case. All personal injury cases are always legally challenging to pull together, present, go to trial (if needed), and settle.

However, you can commonly expect a brain injury-related personal injury lawsuit to take anywhere from months to several years to come to a successful end finally.

This is a dichotomy as you need funds now to get well and move forward with your life, but you must also be wholly prepared to file your case correctly or possibly lose.

However, if you want to win (and need to), you’ll need an experienced and aggressive Edinburg personal injury lawyer by your side from beginning to end.

What General Factors Affect the Time to Settle My Brain Injury Lawsuit?

A myriad of factors may affect the length of time it takes to settle your personal injury claim in Texas. An experienced and winning personal injury lawyer can provide you with a general idea of what to expect based on specific facts, such as:

  • The complexity of your case – Some cases, such as car accidents, are easier to settle than more complicated cases involving medical malpractice and more.
  • The dollar value of your case – Brain injury cases may involve hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. The more your case is worth, the more complex and lengthier it may be.
  • The severity of your injuries – Most brain injuries are severe and will take longer to settle.
  • How visible liability is in your case – How hard it is to prove liability, the longer your case might become.

Your experienced, empathetic, and diligent personal injury lawyer will help you fully understand all the factors in your case and exactly how they may affect the outcome and timeline you should expect.  

I’ve Suffered a Brain Injury and Need to Sue; What Should I Do?

Brain injuries can have a dire impact on many and varied aspects of your life. These effects can be immediate, or you may experience them weeks or months after your injury. However, you must get medical and legal help as soon as your injury occurs.

The Brasure Law Firm has a long and winning history in brain injury lawsuits and will provide a free case evaluation of your case, its depth, and what you can expect to occur.

Call them today at (956) 903-2873 and let them ease the financial burdens you’ve incurred and start you, and your family, down the correct and best legal path to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. 

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