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By: Chris Brasure

How Can a Burn Injury Attorney Help with Your Texas Injury Claim?

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Why Are Burn Injury Cases Different Than Most Personal Injury Lawsuits

Most professional personal injury lawyers consider burn injuries to be in a completely different realm than “normal” injuries. This is because burns are commonly horribly severe and cause you a massive amount of pain and suffering. Also, the legal aspects of most burn cases differ, as the damage they inflict on you (as the victim) can change your life and cost millions of dollars to treat and recover from.

Most severe types of injuries are usually expensive to treat medically; however, burn injuries can easily cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to treat. This fact provides the unique legal challenge of pursuing a personal injury case involving significant burns.

Simply put, burn injuries are enormously expensive to treat and may require life-long care, lifestyle modification, and more. This means that your Edinberg burn victim law team must pursue significant compensation on your behalf to obtain what you and your family truly need. Additionally, when these compensation amounts are required, your lawyer will be up against much more pushback from the person and the insurance company involved.

Your burn injuries will take months or years to recover from, and you, unfortunately, may never be able to return to your previous lifestyle. Your lawyer must prove fault, but their experience, attention to detail, and diligence will allow them to calculate what funds you need to survive and thrive accurately. In this second legal battle of calculating the required funds, your burn injury lawyers’ aggressive and winning history will be invaluable to you and your family.

What Must My Lawyer Do to Win My Case?

In all personal injury lawsuits, your lawyer must use evidence to prove the following:

  • The person or company you are suing is liable for your injuries and should be legally mandated to pay compensation.
  • The needed dollar amount that your injuries demand and the losses (both present and future) that you have and will incur.

Proving liability and negligence are very similar in almost all injury cases. The business or person you sue will most likely do all they can not to admit fault. Accordingly, your lawyer sues them, you take the case to court, and prove to the jury that they are at fault.

When your personal injury lawyer wins your case, the jury agrees, and they will make them pay you compensation. Your experienced Edinburg or McAllen personal injury will use their expertise to overcome this first challenge. Still, in a burn case, the more significant issue is proving the value of your injuries.

When minor injuries are involved, the legal challenge to convince a jury that you should be compensated isn’t nearly as challenging as in a burn injury case.

Most of us have had minor injuries, but your injuries as a burn injury victim can be massive. So, it becomes difficult for most juries to intuitively understand your agony, embarrassment, or the expenses involved with a burn injury. Accordingly, the natural and difficult challenge in winning a burn injury case is that your burn injury lawyer must be capable of helping the jury comprehend what you went through and exactly what you experienced.

Your lawyer usually uses more than mere words to drive this home to the jury. Photos, videos, expert witnesses, medical specialists, etc., may all be utilized to illustrate successfully what happened to you and your life.

What May My Lawyer Use to Fully Explain the Compensation I Require?

Many types of injuries, such as slips & falls, falling objects, and even auto accidents, may be more easily explained, and the compensation needs to be detailed. All the costs of treatment, recuperation, and recovery are comparatively much more easily determined.

However, if you suffered a burn injury, the jury must understand the agony and emotional and physical injuries inflicted on you and your family.

Fully detailing and explaining a burn injury to a jury may involve many of the following details, such as:

  • Photographs that show the extent of your burn injuries.
  • Photographs and even videos detailing your recovery process.
  • Photographs, etc. which document the permanent scarring you have incurred.
  • Actual video of your doctors performing various painful procedures you must endure.
  • Expert witnesses, including physicians, who treat your type of burn injury and your prognosis.
  • Eyewitness testimony of those that witnessed the accident.
  • Medical records and bills for your immediate treatment, recovery, physical therapy, lost wages, and much more.

Your skilled and thorough burn injury law team will accumulate a mountain of evidence that will be needed to prove to the jury that you need and deserve the compensation asked for.

Personal injury cases involving burns are usually the most challenging and complex to represent, but the legal outcome and aggressive legal representation may determine your future.

How Does the Severity Of My Burns Affect My Case?

All professional, experienced burn injury law firms have witnessed the devastation that a burn injury can cause and will work diligently and aggressively to assist you and your family.

Severe burn injuries can be caused by myriad potential sources and require specialized, costly burn protocol treatment. This treatment is vastly expensive, and the type of burn inflicted will often result in how severely you are injured and the compensation needed to recover.

Some of the most common types of burn injuries include:

  • Electrical burns — When electricity passes through your body, it commonly causes substantial damage. This damage is usually more sub-dermal (under the skin).
  • Thermal burns — Burns that result from direct contact with fire or flame cause damage to many different layers of your skin. All layers of the skin, as well as nerve endings, blood vessels, glands, muscle, and even bone, may be damaged.
  • Chemical burns — Chemical burns can occur because of misuse of industrial chemicals or household products. A chemical burn may occur immediately upon contact.

These are only a few examples of varying types of burns, but there are many more. Suppose you’ve been seriously injured in any kind of burn accident. In that case, your best legal route is to consult with a qualified Edinburg or McAllen burn injury lawyer to get you the money and benefits you are rightfully entitled to.

I’ve Been Injured In a Burn Accident; What Should I Do?

Burn injuries occur every day and consistently inflict severe injury on the victim. These cases also present their own set of legal difficulties, but their outcome may affect your and your entire family’s future.

Therefore, ensure that you obtain a local, respected Edinberg or McAllen burn injury lawyer, experienced in these cases and well-known for helping their clients get the compensation they deserve.

By Brasure Law Firm, PLLC