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Car Accident Settlement Process in Texas

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If I’m Offered a Settlement in My Car Accident Case, What Should I Do?

If you have a car accident, and it was the fault of another’s negligence, you may have to sue for the compensation needed for medical bills, ongoing treatment, recovery costs, and much more. However, many of these personal injury cases can go on for months or even years. So, if you’re offered a fair settlement (that you and your car accident lawyer agree on), It may be in your best interest to accept it.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, the compensation awarded for car accidents can be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have medical bills to pay, probably lost income, pain and suffering, and much more. The last thing your family needs is a long, drawn-out trial.

This is why many car accident lawsuits end with you being offered a settlement. However, the first thing you must know is never accept the first (or any) settlement offer without consulting with your car accident lawyer first.

Insurance companies will always try to pay the least amount possible, and when you’re injured and weakened, you may be tempted to take the money they offer immediately; don’t do it.

Being offered a case settlement is always a “one-shot” deal, and if you don’t get sufficient compensation to cover your medical bills, recovery costs, etc., you can’t go back for more.

Your Hidalgo County car accident lawyer is skilled at determining the amount needed to cover all the bills you must pay because of your accident and what you and your family must have to have a sound financial future. So, the best way to obtain the money you and your family need from a settlement is to follow the knowledgeable, skilled advice and guidance of your aggressive car accident law team.

What Are Some Basic Facts About Texas Car Accident Settlements.

Most car accident settlements in Texas are determined by the liability involved in the incident. Simply put, which party involved in the accident was mostly or entirely responsible for your crash and subsequent injuries?

Texas is considered a “fault” state.” This effectively means that you, as the victim of an auto accident due to another’s negligence, can file an insurance claim, lawsuit, or both against the at-fault person who caused your accident.

All at-fault drivers and the company they may work for can be held liable for your injuries and damages that resulted from the accident. These damages can include tangible and non-economic losses (such as mental fatigue, pain and suffering, and more.

So, suppose you have filed an insurance claim or a lawsuit to settle your car accident claim in Texas for the compensation you need and rightfully deserve. In that case, you must hire a lawyer who will relentlessly, thoroughly, and aggressively pursue the matter legally and only “settle” for an amount you need and deserve.  

Pursuing a claim or lawsuit involves determining the actual value of your claim, investigating the facts in detail, and acquiring evidence. Also, your lawyer will explain your claim or lawsuit must begin before the mandatory two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases expires.

Usually How Much Compensation Is Awarded In A Car Accident Settlement in Texas?

Of course, you must note that any amount awarded is based on the severity of your injuries, your medical prognosis, recovery cost, and intangible losses such as pain and suffering.

The statistics show that the average car accident settlement for even a minor accident might be $65,000 or more. However, if you were harmed seriously, with possibly lasting injuries and a long recovery time, your compensation can quickly move up to 6 or seven-figure settlements. Even more compensation may be due if the other driver was found to be driving under the influence. 

Your experienced Edinburg car accident lawyer will use many facts to determine just how much your “fair” compensation will be, such as;

  •       Any future Expected medical costs – Many injuries appear after the accident, but your lawyer can reasonably anticipate what you may incur due to your accident.
  •       Lost Wages You Have Incurred – Time you miss from work during recovery and receiving medical care. This may be a limited time, but it may continue for years. 
  •       Pain and suffering –  To you and your family. This amount could add up to thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars in compensation and more.
  •       Punitive damages –  Your lawyer may prove that the at-fault driver behaved recklessly or maliciously. 

These examples above are but a few that your lawyer will use to get you the total compensation needed for you to recover and thrive.

You must always note that insurance companies do not represent you, nor do they have your best interests in mind. Your Hidalgo County car accident law firm, with a solid reputation of excellence, will guide you through the complex legalities of your case and its settlement and ensure that you and your family have a bright, sustainable future. 

Is There a Downside to Settling My Personal Injury Case?

Your lawyer knows that every personal injury case differs, but with the right law firm, there are reasons why settling a personal injury case may benefit you and your family; some examples are:

A few of these reasons are:

  • Settling gives you a more predictable outcome – No matter how obvious the evidence may be, no one can consistently predict how a jury will respond to your case. But, if you settle, and your lawyer and you approve the settlement amount, you know the outcome and are confident it is in your best interests.
  • Settling is usually a much faster solution – The Texas courts may take months or even years to finalize your case, and you need the funds now. A sound settlement speeds up this process and helps struggling families get their money quicker.
  • Settlements give you privacy – You have enough stress, and usually, you will want to keep your case details private. In a settlement, almost all the details are kept out of court documents, so no one can view or know anything about your case or get personal information.

These are only some examples of why settling may work for you and your family. However, the main downside to settling is that it should never be done in haste. Also, the insurance company might even try to blame you, which, by Texas Law, may negate your entire case. Your experienced, aggressive, and diligent Edinburg personal injury law team, using their well-established negotiation skills, will always fight for your best interests and advise you, with confidence, when to settle and when to move on to trial if needed.

I’m Considering Settling My Car Accident Case; How Should I Proceed?

First, never allow yourself to be forced or coerced to settle for compensation far less than you deserve. Most importantly, never enter negotiations on your own, and always let your empathetic, aggressive, and skilled Hidalgo County car accident lawyer fight for your due compensation every step of the way.

The long-standing and winning personal injury law team at The Brasure Law Firm will give you a powerful legal voice throughout your negotiation. They will assist you every step to win this critical battle. Call them today at (956) 903-2873 and obtain a free consultation involving all the details of your case. They will always know when to settle and when you need to go to trial and will fight for you, your family, and your rights.

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